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OMNICO is a financial advisory company. Giving you a team of competent and committed advisors, we help you to make conscious and accurate decisions regarding your finance. 

For Customers wishing to take a bank loan OMNICO assists in:

  • choosing the most profitable credit present on the market 
  • choosing a suitable currency and optimal credit period
  • adjusting the installment rates to one’s financial capabilities
  • obtaining additional means for any purpose
  • changing previous loans for cheaper ones in a different bank 
  • providing help throughout the whole process of transaction – until the signing of agreement
  • representing client’s interests in a bank 

For Customers wishing to invest money OMNICO assists in: 

  • choosing the most profitable forms of deposing and investing money 
  • preparing investment strategy suitable to the Client’s needs and capabilities 
  • finalizing the transactions 

OMNICO’s financial advisors are professionals who gained their experience in some of the best Polish banks and financial advisory institutions. Thanks to our vast knowledge of financial markets we offer our Clients most adequate solutions suitable to their financial needs and possibilities. However, it is always the Client who has the final say while choosing and deciding on a particular financial product.

OMNICO is an independent firm. Financially, personally and structurally unrelated to any other financial institution, that is why it is free of any pressure and therefore, focused exclusively on the Client’s needs.

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